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What if You Knew Shotgun Training Could Save Your Life?

Shotgun training is not a subject most people associate with absolutely necessary life training. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute takes the opposite viewpoint. In Front Sight's opinion, and the opinion of Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the founder and director of Front Sight, all firearms training leads to the eventual mastery of all firearms. Front Sight and Dr. Piazza operate under the premise that all gun training is circular, and to be a true master, one must have all other aspects of gun training completely understood.

Dr. Piazza is certainly one to be referred to for such information. Featured recently in Financial Times, Dr. Piazza is a Four Weapons Combat Master, one of the most difficult, most illustrious firearms training certifications available on the planet. As a certified master of pistol, special pistol, shotgun and rifle, Dr. Piazza's capacity to use firearms is unrivaled in the world, and he is well aware that each aspect of his training not only leaned heavily upon every other aspect, but also led the way for all the future training.

So shotgun training is not some unnecessary accessory to be picked up by true firearms users or police officers and the like. Shotgun training, handgun training, rifle training, all of gun training must be fully embraced in order to be fully competent with all firearms. And why get firearms training? Because it could save your life. The fact that if one gets self defense training he is better protected against the potential kicks, punches of an attacker is quite self-explanatory. Why, then, would it be difficult to imagine that firearms training makes one better defended against firearms and any potential armed assailant?

Obviously the answer is that it's not, and all Americans should receive firearms training. So fulfill your utmost: get firearms training and safeguard yourself and your family. Include rifle training and shotgun training with handgun training, and be a true master of self defense.

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