Front Sight

Self Defense Training for You and Your Family

As Dr. Ignatius Piazza mentions in the article on Front Sight in Financial Times, education is empowerment. As the tired cliché from the N.R.A. goes: guns don’t kill people, people kill people. That’s exactly the point of firearms training. People with guns can kill other people. Getting firearms training is the same as self defense training.

On occasion, Front Sight offers free submachine gun training, drawing a fairly large crowd from all across America. Per Piazza’s policy on reporters, the reporter for Financial Times had to first participate in a training course. In the article in Financial Times, the writer quotes some of the men and women he took the course with.

“I just want to be prepared. Self-defense situations are getting more common. You never know. Home invasions are a part of life,” said Walt.

“If you own a gun, you have a responsibility to know how to handle it properly,” said Jesse. “Knowing how to use a gun right might mean the difference between living and dying. I just want to improve my self-defense skill levels, I guess. The world isn't getting any safer.”

Everyone getting the gun training was there to get self defense training. No one was there to learn how to blast their neighbor’s annoying Chihuahua away, they were there to learn how to defend themselves in the event of an armed attack. Firearms training is self defense training.

The writer for Financial Times seemed a bit impressed with the work that Front Sight does. He managed to keep a level head and not be too swayed, but in my opinion, he seemed pleased with the education he got. It seemed that his description of the desert floor littered with the 300-odd brass cartridges everyone there had fired that day was a bit loving. Or maybe it was just that he’d been able to fire a submachine gun for free.

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