Front Sight

Handgun Training and Uncle Sam Wants You... To Own a Gun

In an era when more and more law-makers are seeing the Second Amendment as a hassle that has to be legislated around, there is a beacon of hope. In a time when gun control is seen as the solution to gun violence – an idiotic expectation that has been proven wrong the world over – there is a man and a place fighting against this idiocy. At a place where school shootings become less of a shock for their unprecedented nature, and more of a disappointment because of their commonality, something is being done about America’s deadly lack of confront of guns and firearms.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight Firearms Training understand the Second Amendment (of the Constitution of the United States of America – the right to bear arms). And while the Second Amendment is intended to keep citizens armed in the event that an armed revolt is necessary, there is another equally important factor to the Second Amendment: an average criminal will always be armed, a law-abiding citizen must be too. Front Sight feels more strongly about this second factor. For this reason, Front Sight’s handgun training is world-class. While all of their firearms training, which includes shotgun, handgun, self defense, submachine gun and rifle training, is top-notch, it is the handgun training that most Americans should be interested in.

Why wouldn’t Americans receive defensive handgun training? If the time comes when they are faced with an armed attacker, handgun training is the only thing that will stand in the way of them and death. Front Sight is the place for the finest defensive handgun training, and with plenty of experience, they deliver the training in a quick, efficient, safe, understandable way. While some of their instructors are ex-police and –military, there is no drill sergeant attitude at all. So get handgun training, Uncle Sam says so.

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