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Concealed Carry Training Will Keep Our Children Safe

Concealed carry training may very well be the only thing that we can implement in our schools that will effectively keep all of our children safe. Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the founder and director of the nation's most successful firearms training school, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, is of the opinion that the only way to keep not only our students, but also our teachers, safe is to deliver defensive, concealed handgun training to teachers.

Interviewed in Financial Times, Dr. Piazza has held this viewpoint for years. He defends himself, "In the early 70's, Israel was faced with much greater problems of armed terrorist attacks on schools. The cry for more gun control was heard then too, but Israel very carefully analyzed all possible options before adopting the proactive position of arming and training their teachers. School shootings stopped and terrorists looked for easier targets."

And why shouldn't this work? If it were advertised and known that a school is protected by five to ten teachers fully trained and armed in concealed handgun training, what student would even consider drawing a weapon on a classroom of helpless students? The carnage and destruction we have read about in the newspapers has never happened from the side of the teachers, so we need not fear them with guns.

Some would wonder if we should put such trust in the hands of a few men and women. Can we really trust teachers to safeguard and protect our children when a "misguided individual on psychiatric drugs goes on a killing spree"? And they do have a valid point. After all, it's not as if we put our future in their hands, is it? Of course we can't entirely rely on them, they're only solely responsible for the upbringing of our future eight hours a day. I think everyone can see the wisdom of getting training for our teachers.

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